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Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.
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  • The reasons for choose our website to purchase World Poker Club Chips

    This is the  most bigest studio which produce products for games over the East Asia. We had done the bussiness for produce and sell for the  Large 3D network game currency WOW,AION,EVE,EQ2,etc more than 5 years already . We had done the bussiness for produce and sell about World Poker Club Chips 2 years already. The websites for kinds of game gold,powerleveling and World Poker Club Chips are more than hundreds And we have millions customers. We have a good credit in the game bussiness circle.

    East Asia  cheap labor lead us invincible. We have enough stock for World Poker Club Chips because of we produce and sell product by ourselves. And we are cheaper than other intermediary business websites. Our website had set VIP discount system.A registered member consumption reached certain amount can enjoy different percentage of rewards or preferential prices, details consulting our seven / 24 hours online customer service platform.

    Transaction mode 1:
    Face to face trading World Poker Club Chips in the game
         Firstly,we will invite you as our friend in the facebook.Please click the "accept" when you see a invitation of adding friend at the right of your facebook,then contact  us to make sure the friendship is formed.If it done, We could follow each other in the any rooms.It is easy to transfer!
         Second,we could see each other in the room.Then you enter a multiple of the maximum you can enter the room which must be empty.We will folow you into this room.please sit down when we get into the room.we will sit down at once. And we will lose the World Poker Club Chips to you!
        Third,the method of transfering: from the second porker,you bet your World Poker Club Chips form 60% to 80%.we will follow you.plz choose "all in" when the third porker is coming,then we will fold.and again and again until the order completes.
         Forth. you couldn`t find out a empty room if you get the empty room and full room hidden. please click the bottom under the game canel the hidden is ok.

    Transaction mode 2:
    You give us your facebook account and password, we landed on your account and put the World Poker Club Chips which you purchased into your account. If your account Settings are security problems , please let us know the answer . There may be landing limits,  because we're on your account belongs to different landing . Please wait for us when we will transfer to your account World Poker Club Chips . We will tell you by mail or by telephone at the first time.We will remind your  modify security issues and your password timely !

    Friendly prompt:
    Purchasing virtual goods will be not protected in many countries because World Poker Club Chips is virtual goods so that the cheaters run amuck on the websites.
    Every buyer sharpen your eyes to check the credit of sellers before purchasing goods.Here some tips for you:
    1.Its better for purchasing virtual goods from the big a strength of the big companies.Regular game companies usually wont do only one game ,even if have also is weaker game ,once  appears a little problems are likely to empty rooms.

    2.The pirce of websites should be in the range of market price.Normally ,the selling price gap in the sites  could  not too big each other, if the pirce is too higher in the site ,so maybe there is no  maintenance  ,even the pirce havent changed for long time,u will not get the goods after purchasing goods.If the price is too lower,it should be more suspicious,becasue any products has its cots .There could be always profits for us whther the producers like us or other middlemen,it  is  a  cheater website  for certain which will not deliver goods after getteing payment if their pirce is too low .

    3.There should be real person 24 hours for the live chat on the website.It  will prove that there site will be in normal operation so that your order placed in the site can also get customer service help and World Poker Club Chips delivered promptly.